Triline contracts fabrication photography

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Settled in the industrial heart of Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. Triline Contracts produces high-quality fabrication for some very discerning clientele. Triline is known in the industry for its strong capabilities and high-quality finishes. These abilities and expertise are drawn from the workmanship and skills of its talented employees.

This new website was designed by Picture Smiths and features much of my manufacturing photography skills.

Our process of capture was simple, we walked the floor, talked with the staff, and then identified areas with a suitable foreground/background that would convey the environment's texture and heritage. We chose angles that would highlight the worker's skill and provide the viewer with a glimpse behind the manufacturing curtain. We wanted it to look informal, character-driven and technical. These images emphasize the characters' dedication to their craft and their attention to quality finishes.

Being a business in a small community, it felt right to demonstrate their premises rooted within the landscape. This was achieved by providing drone photography to capture some aerial photographs and fortunately, the sun was shining when we visited.

Too often companies focus just on the end product and forget about the skills it takes to produce them, so why not pop over to the new website and see how great these guys are.

We've had some amazing feedback from the client, here's a snippett from our Google Business page.

If you've got an industrial or manufacturing project and you'd like a fresh pair of eyes on how you can make it a success, just drop me a message, and let's talk.

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