University Campus Oldham

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University Campus Oldham: prospectus photography

It seems I've been spending a good deal of time over at Oldham recently. Firstly capturing a construction-style heritage restoration updates for Sindall Morgan and more recently working with the marketing department of the University Campus Oldham.

We spent a couple of days shooting various students and some lecturers and we was very lucky with to have such good weather (something we're not accustom to in Oldham and Manchester). We need a few 'spotlight' images for the students, but the majority of the images was for their new prospectus which was going to be printed asap after the photography shoot.

I really enjoy working in Universities, the atmosphere is always one of progress and a sense of anticipation. The different courses have older students who are much more compliant to the needs and expectation of a photographer. We moved through the campus, dropping in on any activity that looked busy with engaged students. When working with a new set of students, unless the activity they're doing looks good enough to be photographed already or can not be interrupted, I always provide direction. Either moving students into better locations in the room or just asking them to engage with a colleague. After shooting some interiors we ventured out into Oldham town centre to gather some images of the buildings and other landmarks that uniquely identifies Oldham. They use these images as fillers for the prospectus and gives a sense of the atmosphere and location that the campus is set within.

Here's a few of the images that you'll be able to view in their new prospectus.

You can can learn more on my university prospectus pages, or if you're creating university prospectus and need a photographer, just get in touch.