What First Impression are YOU making?

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Business profile photography and brand impact

More recently I've been fascinated by branding, as is evident in our last guest blog and wanted to find out more from the experts exactly what impact your profile picture has upon your business brand. So, this weeks guest blogger is Alistair Marshall. He's a proven Business Development guru, specialising in showing people how to attract more clients and win new business, particularly within the Professional Services arena.

Over to you Alistair...

Alistair Marshall Consulting

Remember a brand is a collection of perceptions about you and your company. That means first impressions are hugely important. As an individual, people are judging you based on your appearance and your actions well before you get chance to open your mouth. What image is it you wish to portray to potential clients and are you delivering it?

Pictures save you a thousand words and that is why Top Quality High Resolution photographs are a must for both online and offline marketing materials.


How about all your marketing materials, what do they say about you? In these online times this is particularly true of your website. Any one who meets you at a networking event or via LinkedIn etc will go and check your online presence and gain an initial impression of who you are and what you do. Websites should not be an area where you look to make budget savings. Is yours a good reflection of the value you can offer clients?

So, as I said, what do your current images say about you?

As well as your personal appearance have a look around at your environment. Do you see a crumbling car park, peeling paint on the walls or a poor toilet and hand washing facilities?

Consider how visitors react to your initial contact in your reception area, do they have to endure rude service or have to wait a long time to be seen to? Anyone who has to suffer queueing in a High Street bank will know how this feels. What about your phone message? I recently contacted a law firm where I encountered a telephone answering machine, where I had to choose option 6 to get through to a very unhelpful human being, having been forced to listen to options for injury, disease and goodness knows what else. A very unfriendly first impression.

To get further ideas on how to Attract New clients and win more business speak to Alistair on 0161 748 0060 or visit www.alistairmarshallconsulting.com and download the FREE video series

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