Why Your School Needs to Work With an Experienced University Photographer

For many universities, the challenge of marketing themselves to potential students now requires a delicate balance between highlighting academic heritage and being seen as a contemporary seat of learning.

Your approach to marketing will also have evolved – you can no longer rely on a single, extensive prospectus that is printed each autumn for further education students.

Why work with university photographers?

Your website prospectus will be immediately attractive, with easy-to-navigate pages drawing visitors further into faculties and departments.

Your brochures will be designed to specifically promote the overall experience students will have by studying on your courses.

Your advertisements – whether printed large on billboards or used digitally across social media forums – will be written to attract interest and encourage further contact with you.

Which is why every marketing photograph used should be picture perfect. Teaching and research are the keys to your success; using an experienced commercial and university photographer helps position your university’s image where it should be.

Greg Harding has widespread experience of delivering outstanding commercial photography services to universities. This comes from working in partnership with marketing and creative agencies as well as in-house university marketing teams.

Your marketing prospectus needs to use bespoke, quality images that capture the essence that make your higher education marketing plans come alive.

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