Corporate Portraiture

Presenting yourself professionally can be pretty tricky. LinkedIn is full of profile pictures that range from poor looking bar or club ‘selfies’ to strange caricature line drawings. Your first impression and personal brand is conveyed most strongly in your corporate portrait. We’re all pretty fickle beings and we make our minds up or at least have our first reaction to how a person looks in a photo. That’s why getting a professional involved is essential.

Ask yourself, how many people use their passport photo as their personal profile? None. And why? Because the lighting’s bad, the settings awful and you can never, ever get the positioning right. You may as well photocopy your own face. 

As a professional photographer we have professional lighting, you’ll be coached into the right stance, the right facial expression.  You’ll be able to chose the setting you feel most comfortable in and you can have a few wardrobe changes to switch up the profiles at a later date. If you feel the need we can provide a professional make up artist MAU or you can glam yourself up prior to the shoot.

We can offer one to one, or one to many corporate portraits, so get in touch and ditch the old profile pic. It just doesn’t do you justice.